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Santa' Visit Tips

    Thank you all for stopping by and I hope that you will be glad that you have selected Santa David for your event. We would like to make your visit with Santa as special as we can so we have prepared some helpful hints that we hope make it even more special.

      1.  Contact Santa David early.  Santa's schedule fills up fast.  By contacting Santa David early you could reserve your date and time before it is gone.

     2. Make sure your devises are fully charged. in your devices  You don't want to miss those once in a lifetime picture due to a low battery.


     3. Santa likes to give a 5-10 minute call to let you know of Santa's arrival time.  It's during that call when you can tell Santa any lat minute information.  Also you can let Santa know where you have placed any gifts that need to be transferred to Santa's bag.  As much as Santa loves pets, this would be a great time to put your pets in another room.  With all the excitement of Santa's arrival your pet may become nervous.


     4. Have your gifts (those provided by you) have names clearly written on them.

     5.  Santa is a big man.  Please have a sturdy chair ready for Santa to sit in.


     6. Santa likes to get everybody involved.  Young and old.  Santa loves to bring the magic of Christmas back to adults.  Don't be afraid to ask Santa a question.  Sant will have an answer for you. 


     7. Don't be afraid to ask Santa for that special family picture.  After all, that is why Santa is at your party.  To help make memories that will last a lifetime.  


     8. Even though Santa would love to stay for ever with each and everyone he has a very busy schedule to keep. If there is a Gift (balance or payment) that Santa is to receive,  please be so kind as to place it in an envelope (any envelope will do) and hand to him saying  “ Santa, here  is a Christmas card from all of us to you and Mrs. Claus”. The kids just love to know that they are giving a Christmas card to Santa.

     9. Have fun! Enjoy the magic of Christmas during Santa's visit.

Thank you for stopping by our site and may the spirit of Christmas be always in your heart!

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