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Santa David did a wonderful job including everyone with Christmas carols. He took his time with each child and made sure to listen to each one very carefully.  I would like to thank Santa David for appearing at our holiday party. He is truly the best Santa I have seen. The look on the children's faces said it all.  Several of my co-workers remarked on what a wonderful job he did.  You can tell he truly loves what he does. Gooding Co.

This was truly one of the most memorable parties of our family. We have about 10 kids under the age of 5 and most parties are hectic. Santa walked in and you could hear a pin drop. He was warm and friendly and even made the most timid party guests sit on his lap. We will be having Santa David for years to come ! Churakos Family

Very good work. We received many, many compliments from our customers. Altons Restaurant

I just have to tell you that we have used a couple Santas in the past, and we just love you. We have gotten so many compliments and we are thrilled to have you come back for the third year in a row! Lifetime WealthIt.

It wasn't your "typical" visit from Santa, singing and joking and laughing all added to the spirit. Santa David brought the magic of Christmas to our Christmas party.  The children loved the audience participation- laughs and memories to last a lifetime. HDE Electric

Amazing, not only do I feel he was the best Santa I have yet to see, many parents commented that he was as well.  Storybook Pageants


Santa David was wonderful and very realistic. One little girl was overheard telling her Mother " I know he is the real Santa because he knew I'd been good.

Rochez School of Irish Dance

You are definitely the most real Santa we ever met. Mancini Family

Many parents commented on the quality and meticulous details Santa put into his suit, boots, and beard and the fact that he was brave enough to answer questions about Santa from the kids.  The singing of carols was great and the "Ho-Ho-Ho" laughter was the perfect touch.  Gilmore Family.


I and the adults in attendance agreed Santa David was the best Santa the fire hall has ever had.  Ellwood Fire Hall

I would like to say this is my second year having Santa David.  My kids and all the adults are always excited to have him come to our home.  He is so good with all the kids and even with all the adults.  He makes sure everyone is having a good time. Santa David is now part of our family tradition. Wagner Family.


I know at least 2 little kids who will remain true believers for another year or two.  It was really kind of you to do this for the church.

Parishioner of Faith United Church.


So many of our family's Christmas memories include you.  They are very dear to  all of us.  You have made so many memories.  They are very dear to all of us.  You have made many children happy.  Fisher Family

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